Roadblocks fail to curb accidents


HARARE – Massive police deployment on all major roads in the country appears to have done little to stop the carnage associated with the festive season.

With 172 deaths from road accidents since 15 December, police have declared this festive season the deadliest ever and attributed the development to negligent driving.

National police spokesperson Andrew Phiri said 1 094 accidents have been recorded so far with 884 people injured.

“This is a result of human error. You find that some drivers are not worried about road regulations.
We urge all those who will be travelling this time of the holiday to continue exercising caution on the roads so that no more deaths occur,” Phiri said.

According to police, last year’s figures pale in comparison to current statistics.

“We issued out 12 956 tickets for various road violations, and impounded 1300 vehicles for various defects,” said Phiri.

According to the police, 147 people died in all road accidents recorded last year during the entire festive season while 1 304 accidents were registered. Police record the festive season from December 15 to January 15. – STaff Writer

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