Biti launches attack on Zanu PF


HARARE – Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) secretary-general Tendai Biti says Zimbabweans must vote for his party next year so that they can revive the economy, which he says had been destroyed by Zanu PF.

The lawyer-cum-politician chronicled the country’s history claiming that under Mugabe’s rule, education and health delivery ceased to be important as corruption and crushing of opponents became the hallmark of the Zanu PF rule.

“In 1982 to 1987 we had Gukurahundi, in 1990 we had Esap (Economic Structural Adjustment Programme) that led to thousands of jobs being lost, and then in 2000 they embarked on the land reform programme which resulted in 4 000 farmers being declared non-Zimbabwean,” Biti said.

“Five years later, we had Operation Murambatsvina which resulted in one million people being homeless, and then came the 2008 violence that led to over 200 people being killed.”

Biti said next year’s elections are as significant as the watershed 1980 elections that ushered in black majority rule.

“The 2013 election is fundamental just like the 1980 one that brought 75 years of colonialism to an end. This one is not about fighting someone called (Ian) Smith who is gone, but 32 years of dictatorship by a cruel and corrupt leadership.

“We cannot take this country back again.  When I was young, I thought a million was the last number, but this Mugabe taught us that we can have trillions, zillions and quintillions,” Biti said.

Organised as a Christmas party for MDC supporters in Harare East, the rally was graced by the party’s youth chairperson, Solomon Madzore, Jameson Timba, a minister of State in Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s office, among other senior party officials.

Biti, who is also Finance minister in the fragile inclusive government formed four years ago, boasted of having disciplined Zanu PF ministers by not fully supporting their programmes.

“They say that Biti is refusing to support farmers. I used to stress myself whenever they talked about money, but now I have taken a diplomatic approach, I keep quiet. I tell them get the money if you have the keys,” he said.

Speaking at the same rally, Madzore urged youths to register as voters telling them that those who are not registered are useless to the party.

“If you are not a registered voter, you are of no use to us, you are worse than a Zanu PF supporter,” he said.

Madzore said Mugabe and his cronies should not intimidate voters.

“Everyone will die even Mugabe, or (General Constantine) Chiwenga will die, so do not intimidate us with your guns,” he said. – Xolisani Ncube and Wendy Muperi

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