No Christmas break for MPs


HARARE – Members of Parliament will not be taking a break during the festive holiday as many of them will be campaigning in their constituencies ahead of the watershed elections next year.

It is now election season and most of the legislators who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday said they will use the holiday to step-up campaign for re-election.

The legislators, already on break from legislative business after the adjournment of Parliament in November to February next year, will be trying to convince the electorate in their constituencies to keep them in office for another five years.

Following the announcement by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) that there is not going to be any delimitation exercise because of a funding shortfall and they will use the 2008 constituency boundaries, most MPs have hit the ground running.

Zanu PF MP for Goromonzi West Biata Nyamupinga said she will be busy in her constituency working and interacting with the electorate.

“I will be at Makumbi Orphanage during the holiday as I will bring food to the 90 orphans at Makumbi mission,” she said. “I shall have a meeting with widowers in my constituency. I shall also be attending some church services and meeting many parishioners.

“It is also the time I will take to see some of the projects in the constituency and talking to the villages headmen of what needs to be done. I shall also find time for my family too,” said Nyamupinga.

Edgar Mbwembwe, Chikomba West Zanu PF MP, said he will be working with the farmers in his constituency to bring seed and fertiliser to them. He shall also be holding political meetings with his supporters.

“We are busy preparing the fields and I will bring in seeds and fertilisers to the farmers in the constituency. It will be a busy time for me as it is also time to be campaigning as we are now preparing for elections next year,” said Mbwembwe.

MDC MP for Mbare Piniel Denga, who is seeking a seat in Chikomba constituency following his election as MDC chairperson for Mashonaland East Province, said: “I am spending most of the time in Chikomba constituency, campaigning, meeting our party members. I shall visit Mutoko and help our ward chairperson in Mutoko, to rebuild his home that was burnt down in a suspected political arson matter by Zanu PF supporters last month and also trying to rebuild our party structures in the province,” said Denga.

Mbare and MDC senator Morgan Femai echoed the same sentiments.

“I will be moving in my constituency campaigning as we are getting ready for the elections. There is no time for us to be resting as we are the leadership of our party in Harare Province and we need to get in touch with our supporters,” said Femai.

The minister of Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs, Eric Matinenga, who is MDC MP for Buhera West said he will be in his constituency, meeting with party members. He will also meet his family members too.

“I will be in Buhera and I don’t intend to travel anywhere for the holiday as I need to be working in the constituency and seeing my family. They will be also work of the constitutional-making process that we need to do, so I will be around,” said Matinenga.

The current Fifth Session of the Seventh Parliament is likely to be cut short if elections are called in the first quarter of next year as President Robert Mugabe wants.

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