Classy Pokello lands ‘lucrative’ endorsement deal?


HARARE – Socialite and fashionista Pokello Nare has been chosen as the face of local fashion label Ndeip/Zviri Sei Sei fashion label in a year-long endorsement deal.

Pokello is best known for her expensive tastes and glamorous fashion – big personal collections and a relationship with swaggering rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme, who has also been a brand ambassador for several local products.

Endorsement deals are mainly heard of in the first world and most local companies do not see the importance of having a “face” for their label.

Swanky Pokello has hogged the limelight no end since the emergence of a steamy bedroom tape she allgedly made with Stunner went viral on the internet.

Her social standing and style convinced the organisers of Kumabhebhi, an outing meant for women, to appoint her master of ceremonies.

Ndeip/Zviri Sei Sei, established in 2010, is owned by a local designer Victor Mutendi.

Mutendi believes Pokello is the most suitable face of his ambitious fashion label.

“This deal means Pokello will give us as much exposure as she can”, said the fashion designer.

“She will be beginning on January 1. Pokello is beautiful, talented and represents what Ndeip and Zviri Sei Sei are all about. I think she is one hardworking person who is misunderstood but she represents the youths, their style and what they want,” he said.

Pokello has been described by some as Zimbabwe’s own Kim Kardashian because of her life  style and fashion sense.

It has not been an easy road for Mutendi.

“You know how difficult it is to raise capital. It is really difficult to kick-start a career, especially in the fashion and clothing industry as people do not have faith in them.

“I actually had to put in my own money, which is a big risk. Starting a business especially when you do not have capital is no walk in the park.”

The label currently specialises in T-shirts and caps.

“Later on we will be having rubber bands and next year we will launch the winter collection with jackets, hoodies and other winter clothes.

“Basically our label is about street wear, casual wear, urban wear. It is generally about the Zimbabwean youths, their tastes, how they want to express themselves and their fashion sense.

“All our products are locally made.”

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