Bhora mugedhi, who is fooling who?


HARARE – Judging from the number of no-to-low quality resolutions made at the just-ended, diamond-sponsored Zanu PF conference, this was yet another political non-event.

As usual, Bob and his band of sycophantic hangers-on displayed that they are so far removed from the day-to-day struggles of Zimbabweans. There is no connection between any of the conference resolutions and Mai Ezra’s reality in Dotito.

Typically, the crowd stared its biggest problem in the face: it witnessed and listened to a long and boring history lesson from their ageing leader. He had nothing to contribute to the future of his party.

Delegates opted to doze off or feast on the free flowing food and drinks as pastime.

Zanu PF had absolutely no solution to the myriad abstract problems confronting that dying party.

None of the presidential hopefuls or their surrogates challenged Robert Mugabe — as both faction leaders took turns to obsequiously bootlick and endorse their king.

The conference adopted an unprecedented “bhora mugedhi” resolution after realising the ill-fated 2008 “bhora musango” did not achieve the required Mugabe exit. It seems delegates and party members have no clue where to score!

Architects of the new bhora mugedhi were the same people who cobbled bhora musango the last time around. So who is fooling who?

Has there been a damascene moment, an epiphany or these were cunning delegates out to hoodwink the old man that they had changed their ways.

Old Bob is rightly scared of a repeat of that dastard strategy; obviously it will have devastating consequences for him. Zanu PF supporters, this time, might just score against him.  After all, own goals count as goals, don’t they?

Cain Mathema has already scored an own goal against his own party. His childish tantrums that he will not meet with the new US envoy because he is still angry about sanctions imposed on his election stealing party is just plain ridiculous!

One would think Zanu PF would find it prudent to meet with those it disagrees with so as to engage and extricate itself from the rut it has been immersed in over three decades-plus of brutal, one-man rule.

Anyone who has studied the art of war knows you keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

If the party had the audacity to invite the US ambassador to the 13th so-called “people’s” conference as it did, it is foolish for Mathema to attempt to ostracise the US envoy. Mathema’s justifications are plain delusional. It shows the “history mode” is the biggest stumbling block to internal Zanu PF reform.

Back to the old man, even with his candidature confirmed and his position secure for now, the octogenarian is losing sleep.

He is finally convinced he has failed to mould any of his followers in his own image.

Joice, Emmerson, Sydney, Simon — all have no ambition, no plan, no drive and no instinctive leadership qualities. Zero!

Joice and Emmerson have both distanced themselves from any plan to succeed the old man, as if it’s taboo.
Holy Moses!

The voting Zimbabwean public on the other hand can sleep easy.

With Mugabe’s candidature confirmed, the 2013 presidential election will be an easy choice indeed.

It presents us with an opportunity, between now and then, to focus on our day-to-day struggles to feed, dress and educate our children — real problems the Zanu PF conference dismally failed to address.

After all, we don’t expect them, to know our problems — their children are at Fort Hare University, paid for by the state using our hard-earned money in taxes.

There is simply no need to focus on either the campaign or the election itself.

Minus the violence, choosing between Bob, Joice and John on one hand and Morgan and Thoko on another, is a classic case of “voting made easy”. Needs no rocket scientist!

It is an easy choice indeed. Mugabe’s long history lecture in Gweru tells how his eyes are transfixed in the rear view mirror, paying very little attention to the road ahead.

What kind of party condemns countries that produce and provide cell phones and decoders? In 2012!

Please!? What, a party stuck in the 1900s?!

Curiously, not one Zanu PF minister subjects their own families to ZBC’s drive.

They watch state-funded DStv on smart PVR decoders that can rewind live TV, yet condemn us for watching South African TV channels on our cheap Wiztech, Philibaos and Fortecs free-to-air decoders. What hypocrisy is this?

The broader election choice, therefore, is whether a government owns the people or a people own the government. The Zanu PF model, says, the people shall live, die, associate, travel, communicate and even pray (Anglicans will tell you) at the pleasure of the government.

As long as Mugabe is in power, all of us are the property of the state. We have all heard of how he told the British that he will keep “his” Zimbabwe — and many other infamous “my people speeches”.
Surely, genuine “war vets” such as Herbert Chitepo, Josiah Tungamirai and Josiah Tongogara did not sacrifice their lives so that Mugabe and cronies can own us.

On the other hand, democracy’s defining characteristic is that the government belongs to the people.

It is the people who create a government — its structure, composition and size are dictated, not by a few men in suits at Munhumutapa or State House but by barefooted old men and women at Murambinda Growth Point and such other places around Zimbabwe.

It is about how the new president’s long and troubled journey to State House will be decided by my vote in Chitungwiza.

It is about how citizens reserve the right to withdraw the mandate they gave old Bob at will.
Clearly, a matter the party’s conference never considered. – Bull Eland

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