Deputy sheriff attaches Masvingo council assets


MASVINGO – The deputy sheriff has attached the Masvingo mayor’s Mercedes Benz vehicle and other property over $3,5 million owed to workers in a salary dispute dating back to 2008.

The luxury car and eight other vehicles as well as movable property are set to go under the hammer after the High Court recently ruled that the council pays workers salary increments from 2008 to date.

There was drama at Civic Centre when the deputy sheriff towed the mayoral car, a minibus and seven pickup trucks.

Business came to a standstill and there was pandemonium as senior council officials ran from their offices to their cars upon realising that the deputy sheriff and his team were attaching the vehicles.

Some of the officials drove their vehicles off.

Zimbabwe Urban Councils Workers Union (ZUCWU) officials told the Daily News they approached the High Court after council defied an arbitration award and a Labour Court order in favour of the workers.

“After defying an arbitration and Labour Court order to grant us our increments we felt the employer was not co-operating and the only way forward was to approach the High Court to give us the go ahead to attach the property,” Manase Vunganai, the ZUCWU regional chairperson said.

Some offices were empty after they were cleaned by the deputy sheriff.

Mayor Femias Chakabuda said the development would not affect the “smooth operation” of council work and service delivery.

He said council would find means to pay the workers’ dues and save the property before it is auctioned.

“They have literary attached all our movable property. We will, however, try to come up with ways to raise the money for the workers at the same time save the property from being auctioned,” said Chakabuda. – Godfrey Mtimba

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