Probe teams gobble $100 000


HARARE – Local government minister  Ignatius Chombo has instructed Harare City Council to fork out $100 000 as payment for two probe teams he set up in a space of four months.

Harare, already battling to contend a typhoid outbreak in Glen View, will have to pay the Ellen Chivaviro-led investigating team and that of Madzudzo Pawadyira from its dry coffers.

Both teams were set up by Chombo following a delivery of sodium cyanide to Harare water department by a local chemical distribution company.

Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda told a full council meeting last week that Chombo wrote to his office instructing him to pay $10 000 to Ellen Chivaviro as the leader of the probe team, and $8 000 to other team members.
“The cost of these teams will be met by council,” Masunda said.

As was revealed by the Daily News three weeks ago, all members of the two probe teams will go to this year’s festive season smiling with rich pickings from council while service delivery dwindles.

Both teams were set up to investigate tender issues at Town House. Each team will get $50 000 — with their leaders getting $10 000.

The first team was headed by director of civil protection Madzudzo Pawadyira — a civil servant and deputised by former Masvingo town clerk Tsungai Mhangami.

According to Masunda, Pawadyira received not less than $10 000 on top of his monthly salary from government while other members of the team pocketed not less than $8 000 each.

The money paid to these teams can at least buy a Borehole water pump to help residents get water, or it can be used to renovate dilapidated public toilets which have now become an eyesore.

Other members of that team included Florence Ziyambe from the Attorney-General’s office, Environmental Management Agency director, Petronella Shoko, State Procurement Board member, Patrick Mushonga, Albert Wakandigara, a consultant on hazardous substances and Comedy Piti, a mining inspector.

The team led to the suspension of Warren Park councillor, Julias Musevenzi, who was the procurement board chairperson for council.

Two months later, Chombo assembled another team headed by Ellen Chivaviro, the finance and administration director at Tel*One.

Masunda said each member of the team got $8 000 with Chivaviro going receive $10 000.

Some of the members on the second team have previously featured in other investigating teams set up by Chombo to other local authorities.

Some were members of the Chitungwiza Town Council probe team headed by Manicaland provincial administrator, Fungai Mbetsa.

The team reportedly pocketed not less than $20 000.

But Chombo refused to divulge how much he had recommended for the team’s stay in the dormitory town south-east of Harare.

Despite paying all these monies to the team, Chitungwiza is failing to provide to residents due to its financial status.

Probe teams gobble $100 000Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo set up two probe teams in Harare in a space of four months. – Xolisani Ncube

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