Freddy Gwala deported


BULAWAYO – South Africa music icon Freddy ‘Amadamara’ Gwala was last Friday sent back to his country after flouting Zimbabwe’s immigration laws.

Gwala, who was supposed to perform at the newly-opened Club Royal in Bulawayo reportedly failed to produce a work permit as required by the law for a foreign artist to perform in the country.

Sources at the Airport said Gwala arrived aboard a South African Airlink at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo around 1pm, after some serious scrutiny with the immigration officials denied him entry.

“Gwala stayed in the country for less than an hour as he failed to convince the immigration officers on the purpose of his visit.

“In fact he lied that he was just visiting yet the local newspapers had published that he was set to perform in the city.

“When further interrogated he claimed he was visiting a colleague Chase Skuza but surprisingly the address on his documents was that of the owner of the pub,” said the source.

The source added that Gwala was apparently targeted after he twice sneaked in the country on similar claims that he was on a visit yet he was performing.

Two weeks ago Gwala performed at Nketa Beer Garden in the city.

Club Royal proprietor Tapiwa Gandiwa confirmed the development.

“Gwala was deported; actually I didn’t know that he had no work permit as a result he could not perform. Since he was supposed to share the stage with Chase Skuza, in the end Skuza had to do it alone and everything went on well,” Gandiwa said.

This is not the first time that Gwala has been sent back to his country for failing to abide with the immigration laws.

In 2010 he was deported before he could perform at Ibumba Festival in Bulawayo.

Before Gwala turned into music, he at one point spent an eight-year spell in prison for stealing a vehicle.

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