‘Census enumerators not paid yet’


HARARE – Teachers who participated in the census count have not been paid for the services they rendered more than three months ago.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) said the teachers only received less than $200.

Just before the population census there was so much hope as promises of a massive pay out saw even soldiers jostling to be enumerators.

Raymond Majongwe, secretary-general of Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) urged teachers to employ prostitute-like tactics in order to squeeze payment from the government.

“Teachers are themselves to blame, they always let government use them and then dump them. Up to now teachers who participated in the population census have not been paid yet Zanu PF is building a multi-million conference facility in Gweru.

“I want to propose that teachers start working like prostitutes. First the government gives them money and then they do the assignments,” said Majongwe.

Although the education sector received $1 billion, the highest allocation in the 2013, $3,8-billion budget —Majongwe says the government should walk the talk and dispatch the money to improve the plight of teachers who live below the $600 poverty datum line.

“Both Zanu PF and the MDC do not worry about the education sector. When they want things done their way, money is available but when it comes to paying teachers it is a war.

“We are proposing that from now onwards teachers should be paid in advance just as with prostitutes. You first pay and then get the services later,” said Majongwe.

Last week some teachers desperate to earn extra cash were marking Grade Seven examination papers and getting 30 cents per paper marked.

“It is criminal for the government to abuse teachers that way. How do you pay a professional 30 cents and expect them to be motivated?

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“The government employs the Officials Secrets Act on teachers and they cannot complain because they have signed a contract. As teachers we are being abused yearly,” said Majongwe.

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