Sulu’s new hit song promotes violence


HARARE – Suluman Chimbetu’s new hit song, Sean Timba has touched political nerves as commentators allege it promotes violence.

The controversial song, off his recently-launched album Syllabus explicitly encourages violence and revenge as a way of solving conflict.

In Sean Timba, Chimbetu queries the sensibleness of Sean Timba who always escorts others to earn their living but suddenly changes tone as a hat goes missing.

Chimbetu gives advice in the song: Kana munhu anetsa varume batai munhu. Mubate nepapa, mumurove ndari, kuponda musoro, musote munhu (If someone has become troublesome people should seize him/her, trip him/her, savagely hit the head and fix the person).

Zimbabwe Democracy Institute Researcher Dewa Mavhinga said Sean Timba is “dangerous” and capable of inciting violence in a country whose dominant population are youths.

“Sean Timba is a deceptively catchy song with a toxic and dangerous message celebrating and promoting the use of violence to settle differences.

“Suluman is an upcoming musician with a large following of young people.

He must take responsibility not to mislead them with the stupid messages of violence, especially as the nation prepares for elections in 2013,” said Mavhinga.

Syllabus is Sulu’s fourth album which was launched last week at a colourful ceremony graced by senior government officials.

When reached for comment, Chimbetu defended his lyrics saying they were directed to people pirating music.

“This is my own work and sweat. If someone just comes from nowhere and pirate my music getting millions from it I think I will be justified to take the law into my own hands.

“Zvepolitics neviolence zvamaakutaura izvo zvaazvenyu (the political and violence gist that you are talking about is now your opinion),” said Sulu.

Besides Sean Timba, the other seven songs are basically social commentary lyrics premised on life experiences.

Chimbetu’s song comes as Zimbabwe is headed for a watershed election next year and is currently commemorating 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

On its part, government has set up the Organ for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration and enacted the Domestic Violence Act, policies that are aimed at eliminating violence of all sorts. – Wendy Muperi

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