Anglicans stage demo in Mutare


HARARE – Members of the Anglican Church yesterday demonstrated in Mutare demanding access to church premises still held by a faction headed by disgraced former bishop Nolbert Kunonga.

About 100 members of the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) marched through the eastern city before officers asked them to present their grievances at the police station.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Manicaland regional manager Blessing Nyamaropa told the Daily News the group later dispersed peacefully.

“When we were advised, the group was already at Mutare Central Police Station. We arrived after they dispersed and we could not get much information,” Nyamaropa said.

CPCA Manicaland Diocese Bishop Julius Makoni said the police had been very helpful.

“The police actually bend over backwards to accommodate us. They did not want us to block traffic and advised our members to follow the proper channels and that is what we are doing now.

“We have since approached the deputy sheriff and should be able to access our properties at least by the weekend,” Makoni said.

However, Kunonga’s Manicaland proxy, Elson Jakazi, maintained he would not move unless there is an order specifically for the diocese.

“I am not privy to what Makoni might have or might not have discussed with the police,” Jakazi said. “This has now become a nuisance, we cannot be talking about the same things over and over again. Makoni is behaving like a madman and I choose not to be engaged in such foolish discussions.

“Unless there is an order that affects this diocese (Manicaland) I will not move. I am in my office now and they can keep dreaming. Why are they rushing?” queried Jakazi.

“It (the Makoni group’s moving in) is impossible, Manicaland is different from the Harare Diocese and they should get that. Our lawyers are preparing heads of arguments for the case as we speak and we are waiting for the trial at the Supreme Court,” he said.

The Supreme Court last week delivered a devastating blow to Kunonga after ordering him to vacate church premises he had been occupying since 2007 in Harare.

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