Nadine lashes at Andy Brown’s family


HARARE – Nadine Brown, widow of the late Zimbabwe singer and guitarist Andy Brown, is furious with the family of her late superstar husband for making her an outcast.

Nadine was not invited to the Victors Awards ceremony last Wednesday where the late musician was posthumously honoured.

Her step-daughter Ammara accepted the award, in the company of Brown’s ex-wife mbira queen Chiwoniso Maraire, Queen Mash, the late Brown’s sister and Chiedza, the daughter of Maraire and Brown.

An irate Nadine expressed her frustration with the Browns in an interview with the Daily News.

“I was married to Brown for eight years and we have two children”, said Nadine.

“They (late Brown’s family) are trying to forget that I was ever married to Andy. Instead, what they are trying to do is to wipe away these eight years,” she said.

Nadine had no kind words for her step-daughter Ammara.

“Ammara is trying to portray a picture that she was so caring and close to (the late) Brown but the truth is that she was busy flying to South Africa when I struggled with Brown here till he died.

“Now that Brown is dead, she is trying to bring Chiwoniso into the family who separated with Brown about 10 years ago”.

The late Brown’s widow hinted that she was now ready to take Ammara head on.

“I was quiet for the past months because I erroneously regarded Ammara as my child but now I cannot contain it any longer.

“She is stopping me from using the surname Brown, the Storm (Brown’s band) and playing Andy’s music.
Nadine also claimed that her late husband’s family was determined to make her homeless.

“They are trying to sell the house I am currently living in with my children.

“Ammara is staying with her grandmother somewhere in Harare. How do they expect me to raise my two children with Andy without a home?”

In an earlier interview with the Daily News, Amara declared that only people with the Brown blood have the legitimate right to perpetuate Andy Brown’s musical legacy.

“You have to be a Brown for you to use the Storm, it is more than just the name — there is a history behind the name,” said the 24-year-old mother of one.

Ammara insisted that she is legally entitled to further her father’s music legacy.

“Three of us Devona, Shahla and I, are the only children mentioned in Brown’s will — it is us who can decide what to do with Brown music legacy,” said Ammara.

She blamed Nadine for using the names “Brown” and “Storm”.

“Before dad died we used to perform as Andy Brown, Ammara Brown and Nadine (without a Brown at the end), with the aim of clearly branding ourselves in the music industry.

“Soon after he passed away, Nadine quickly grabbed the name “Brown” and “Storm” without family approval.
Ammara defended her close relationship with mbira queen Chioniso.

“I recall when Chiwoniso surprised me with a mbira instrument when I turned nine. She has always been there for me,” said Ammara. – Vasco Chaya

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