Mayor Masunda a disgrace to Harare


HARARE – Harare mayor Muchadeyi Masunda — is arguably presiding over one of the world’s dirtiest cities.

The capital has long lost glamour and its once irresistible appeal which led to it being called the Sunshine City.

The sun has long set on this once-beautiful city, weighed down by endemic corruption and years of profligacy by previous bosses.

Does anyone remember the weekend in 1998 when Harare ran dry?

Does anyone remember the reaction to that water crisis by the then mayor, the late Solomon Tawengwa?
He wanted to resign in the middle of the mess but he was ordered to stay on by the President until he had cleaned up his mess.

Since that time, Harare has never been the same.

Potholes, a shambolic billing system, uncollected refuse, broken sewer pipes, high salary bill tipped in favour of the few directors and top management as well as dirty drinking water, epitomise the state of affairs at Harare City Council.

This is why we are disappointed and feel let down, something that residents of this once- beautiful and progressive city share with us, that Masunda, despite his impressive resume, has failed to bring the spark to this city.

Masunda, it must be said, has spiritedly fought against residents who have demanded better service delivery and less spending on luxury such as the new cars set to be purchased for chamber secretary and town clerk, respectively.

“We must motivate our employees so they can do better, in developing cities. The capital city is the second-largest revenue generating entity from government,” Masunda said last week in defence of the $300 000 that council plans to splash on town clerk, Tendai Mahachi and chamber secretary, Josephine Ncube.

Mahachi will get a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 valued at $190 000 from Mike Harris and Ncube will soon be driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee valued at $117 000 and funds are available for the purchase of the two vehicles.

The purchase of the two vehicles will be done without going to tender — a possible violation of section 211 of the Urban Council’s Act which states that any procurement by a local authority valued at more than $11 000 should go for public tender.

Should we really remember Masunda as the man who cared about the Town House car park adorned by top-of-the-range cars while craters and dry taps confront residents?

Maybe this is normal since Masunda himself was a beneficiary of a swanky Mercedes Benz which he aggressively fought to drive.

But it is only fair to say Masunda, just like other mayors, has done little to serve Harare and belongs to a hall of shame! – Staff Writer

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