Golf: origin of the game


HARARE – Every aspect of anything has its “once upon a time”. Concentrating on golf for now, what is “its once upon a time” story to talk about.

Golf’s origin is surrounded with controversy which break peoples’ heads if pursued further and further.
Historians have up to now not convincingly come up with proven evidence of where this sport originated from. There are countless claims which many countries around the globe pressed for recognition.

If you decide to read more on researches which were made you will find that there is more to this topic.
While other countries are content with closing the argument there may be some who are still anxious to know the real facts.

Here in Zimbabwe I have heard some elders claiming that there was a sport that resembled golf which later died a natural death along the way. I am still interested to know more about it.

From what I have read there are countries which are cited time and again. I have listed them below.
One would probably be right wrong to conclude that they may have had more valid claims compared to the rest of any other countries throughout the world.

The countries are: England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Laos, France.
Expect to come across different names which were the words used in different countries. Some of these are;  England — goff /cambuca; France — chambot; China — chuiwan; the Netherlands — kolven/kolf; Scotland-golfe/gowf, Belgium — chole; Persia — chaugan.

But who today is bothered about issues of origin rather than just enjoy the game the way it is played today and accept any changes which are put into effect through the rules of golf which are produced every four years.

However, to be fair I am not going to leave this subject like that. I concur with the group fewer they may be out there who feel that if there are some researchers who still have the zeal to purse this subject so be it. They should be supported.

I want to end by posing a question in the form of two statements: statement A — The game of golf originated in Scotland.

Statement B — The game of golf as played today originated in Scotland. Of these two statements which one do you think is closer to what the majority of people should at least accept?

While other countries can be said to have had some good claims in the end Scotland’s version triumphed.

 Now to comment on the two statements I would take statement B as the answer and is more factual.

It is undisputed by many that the game of golf as it is played today is linked to Scotland. While the way the game is played has not changed that much, it is in the rules of how the game is played (rules of golf) which we shall have to live with as they affect us whenever we are on the golf course.

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