Freeman, Amuli clash over South African shows


HARARE – Maybe dancehall and sungura are not meant to be mixed.

An attempt by sungura artiste Gift Amuli to hold joint shows in South Africa at the end of the month with dancehall artiste Freeman has sparked a bitter exchange of words between the two musicians.

Freeman’s manager Hilary Mutake has attacked Amuli’s manager Emmanuel Magumba for making posters advertising the two’s joint shows without an agreement in place between the two camps.

“He (Magumba) called me in October saying they wanted to hold a show in Johannesburg with Freeman.

“We discussed things and I told them that we would have to sit down and sign contracts for this to happen”, Mutake told the Daily News yesterday.

“He just went quiet on us and we were supposed to sign the contracts at the end of October.

“Right now they have put up posters advertising Freeman in Jo’burg but we did not agree on anything”.

Mutake added that he could not understand the unprofessionalism of Amuli’s manager.

“As a manager my policy is that whoever wants to hold gigs with my artistes, contracts must be signed first.

“We cannot have a situation where we have verbal agreements only as this can cause complications in the future.

“I did not refuse to have Freeman play with Amuli but they were supposed to pay us a deposit of R6 000 and cover travel expenses but this has not been done.”

The Joina City hitmaker’s manager claims he is being inundated with calls from Freeman’s South African fans who expect to see him perform there.

“I am not happy and I have received calls, Facebook messages from people in Johannesburg who say they are looking forward seeing Freeman.

“This is just not fair as we have lost business as other people think we are already contractually bound yet we are not,” added a furious Mutake.

Amuli’s manager, Emmanuel Magumba at first refused to talk to the Daily News but later cooperated.

“I don’t care about anyone, (sic) you do not want to cover us and now you are calling me asking this nonsense.

“What did he tell you? Write whatever you want from what Mutake told you.

Magumba insists that the two camps struck a verbal agreement.

“I have been managing artistes for years now and ask anyone you want; you have a verbal agreement first.

“This is because we need to market and as far as I am concerned marketing is more important than anything else.

“Maybe now he has a better deal and he wants to opt out. I don’t care we will cancel him and never work with him again,” he fumed.

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