Maringwa mocks Monoz


HARARE – Dynamos captain Desmond Maringwa unexpectedly went on the offensive yesterday and taunted for Monomotapa lacking the history and winning mentality to topple the 19 times Zimbabwe champions in the Mbada Diamonds Cup final tomorrow.

Maringwa — a veteran of many battles for the Glamour Boys — stoked the flames ahead of the epic final at Rufaro Stadium by further insinuating the country’s richest knockout competition should in fact be re-named “Mbada Dynamos Cup,” due to the club’s ruthless form in the tournament since its inauguration last year.

“I think at the start of the tournament I promised we are going to take this cup again and here we are,” Maringwa told reporters at a press conference in the capital yesterday.

“After winning the Premier Soccer League for record 19 times, we are basically the flag bearers of Zimbabwean football.”

However, Monomotapa captain Brain Mapfumo hit back at the Maringwa during the super-charged conference, saying Dynamos are “fooling themselves” if they think Monoz will roll over tomorrow.

This did not however stop the long-serving Dynamos captain from further labelling Monoz “pretenders.”

“I believe that Monoz is just one of those small teams who think they can beat Dynamos. They are just pretenders.”

“Their coach Biggie Zuze taught me football when I was a junior. He knows the Dynamos culture of winning, he taught us how to win, I’m surprised he wants Monoz to win,” Maringwa added.

 “In fact, I’m glad to be playing against Zuze and I know he knows deep down inside he wants Dynamos to win. Dynamos is a big institution. It’s not only about this particular game. It is about our culture and a winning mentality. We are saying it’s not Mbada Diamonds Cup, its Mbada Dynamos Cup. If the tournament is going to be played 19 times, then we are going to win it 19 times.

“I say to Monoz, please we don’t want to have it easy. Please don’t make it a stroll for us. Give us a challenge.”

Monomotapa coach Zuze, who listened while his protégée tore into his team, said: “( If it’s about) History, surely Dynamos has a lot of history, yes, no one can dispute that,” the former Dynamos player said.

“But remember Monoz is the only team to have beaten Highlanders both in the league and cup. And in life you always treasure (being) the first (in) things,” he said.

Monoz welcome back Tawanda Nyamandwe and Morgan Mugombe from injury whilst Devon Chafa and Milton Makopa are both still doubtful for Dynamos, who successfully retained the Premiership title last weekend.

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