Zim’s new reality TV heroine


HARARE – Forget about Roki and Maneta’s Big Brother Africa disgrace, there is a new young talented Zimbabwean representing the country good.

The talented girl simply called Alexandra Govere (24) is part of an internationally viewed reality television show shot in the United States of America.

Alexandra is part of the cast of MTV reality show “Real world San Diego” along with six other housemates (three girls and three boys) from different parts of America and different origins.

According to her biography, Alexander was raised in an unnamed village in Zimbabwe with no electricity or running water.

She is described as, without a doubt, the most accomplished person to ever appear on “The Real World.”

Real World San Diego is a non-scripted show with the same format as “Jersey Shore,” a more popular MTV show, though the Real World housemates do not specialise in partying, drinking, sex and tanning.

The real world housemates focus on talent, relationship and competitions. In one of the episodes, Alexandra’s boyfriend who she lives with in Los Angles, told her via telephone that one of her cousins in Zimbabwe needs school fees.

She worked so hard to outdo other housemates in one “House of Blues” competition which landed her a $500 prize that she sent to her struggling family back in Zimbabwe.

Her housemates describe her as the girl to beat as she is determined. They think she is well-placed to win the competition.

“$500 is a lot of money which can pay school fees for a lot of Kids in Zimbabwe,’ she says in what can be called “the diary room,” she said.

Alexandra goes further to say she feels bad spending money when she knows some of her family members cannot afford to go to school.

In the show she forms her own music band “Alex and the hats”which performs so well in its first show so much that Alexandra is overwhelmed with tears of joy.

According to her biography: “She was the first woman of colour and the youngest person ever to compete on the Zimbabwean National Gymnastics Team.

“After witnessing many of her childhood classmates suffer, she started the Kijana Project in the United States of America, a charity that supports AIDS orphans. As a result, she was featured in Teen People as “One of the 20 Teens Who Will Change the World.”

As if that was not enough, she graduated high school early and enrolled in Stanford at the age of 15, majoring in Civil Engineering. Angering her incredibly academics-oriented parents, Alexandra dropped out of Stanford eight weeks shy of graduation to focus on her burgeoning singing and song writing career.

The striking beauty now lives in Los Angeles with her musician boyfriend of eight months, Byron.

The question the producers ask is “Will Alexandra and Byron’s relationship withstand the test of time and distance put in front of them, or will they be torn apart like so many long-distance relationships in seasons past? The sun and sand of San Diego awaits…” – Bridget Mananavire

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