Local Castle Lite tops in Africa


HARARE – The October edition of SABMiller Global Taste Session saw a local sample of Castle Lite beer being recognised as the best beer in its brand category.

Brewed at Delta’s Southerton Lagers Manufacturing plant, the premium beer emerged in pole position in a category that had entries from 19 other breweries on the continent.

After intensive tests examining taste, smell, appearance and other technical details, a panel of 10 professional beer tasters awarded an impressive 9,1 out of 10 marks to Delta’s new entry.

The prestigious beer tasting competition draws entries from SABMiller affiliated breweries across the continent.

George Mutendadzamera, Delta Corporation’s Corporate Affairs director, commended the Southerton Lagers brewing technical team for upholding high operational standards.

“We congratulate the team at Delta Lagers for consistent attention to detail and following laid down standards meticulously,” he said.

Beer is tasted at each stage of brewing and when the process is complete the finished product is stored at a specific temperature for a set period of time.

Further to this, Mutendadzamera says that all of the beverage manufacturer’s plants have put in place, stringent quality control mechanisms.

 “All raw materials included in the brewing process are of the highest possible quality,” Delta’s Mutendadzamera said.

Castle Lite has captured the fancy of local lager drinkers’ taste buds. Initially Delta used to import the distinct green packaged lager however, as of October, Castle Lite is now being bottled locally. – Own Correspondent

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