Duo in trouble for selling borehole water as Tingamira


HARARE – Two men who sold borehole water in Tingamira spring water bottles appeared in court on Friday.

They allegedly collected empty 500ml plastic containers of Tingamira spring water and filled them with borehole water for resale.

Biggie Antonio, 21, and Batsirai Musewe, 29, appeared before magistrate Barbra Masinire on fraud charges.

The court heard that between April and November last year, the two moved around the city picking discarded 500ml empty plastic containers of Tingamira spring water for refill.

Tingamira is a mineral water bottled by Tanganda Limited Company (TLC).

Prosecutor Desire Chidanire told the court that after refilling the empty containers with borehole water, the two moved around selling the bottled water claiming they were TLC representatives.

According to state papers, Shelton Chabata of TLC received a tip-off that the duo were selling fake Tingamira spring water.

Acting on the information, Chabata allegedly went to the duo’s place of residence in Mount Pleasant, Harare, where he bought two bottles of water.

Chabata later filed a police report leading to Antonio and Musewe’s arrest. Police recovered 18 x 500ml empty containers and 4 x 500ml filled with water.

Magistrate Masinire released the two on free bail. They will be back in court on November 22 for trial.

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