Zanu PF would rather die than change


HARARE – Once again Zanu PF has shown its contempt for the need to change and democratise by maintaining that only those with five or more years in the party are legible to contest political office.

Progressive paragons of constructive dialogue cannot be condemned for questioning the whole logic behind sending a bunch of people to China to take a refresher course in ideological and mass mobilisation strategies, for it is now clear it was one of those futile engagements by Zanu PF which solely believes an old dog can be taught new tricks. It can’t!

In China Zanu PF goons were told point blank to either embrace change or die.

However, recent developments in the party, only a few days after attending such lectures from the Chinese, the party is sending a clear message to their mentor and “all-weather” friend China, that, “we would rather die than change.”

In its exhibition of greatest psychological hyperaemia, the party still believes dynamic change and renewal of blood at a specific given time is resemblance of weakness and perhaps overall disintegration.

Whilst it is a pity to the youths, who are daily misled that they are vanguards of the party and the “revolution”, a message has clearly been sent that as far as takeover of Zanu PF reins from the old and tired generation is concerned, they should just forget and smile.

 Zanu PF has never shown any willingness of tolerating change, not necessarily regime change which the party is so deranged about, but even change from within where the party can reinvent itself.

There has never been meaningful change of leadership, except change facilitated by death of an official, or at least change necessitated by expulsion of certain party deviants or delinquencies.

Against all this we need to ask aspiring youth candidates who daily toil and moil under the sun in the name of Zanu PF, whether it is worth a cause because the old guard can’t just let go. Zanu PF’s old guard which genuinely consists of few inner cabals now, is so hypocritical in creating artificial reasons that justify their prolonged stay in power such as to first fix “threats” likely to bring the party down.

Firstly there was the so-called Third Chimurenga, an exercise in futility that plunged Zimbabwe into a miniature Somalia.

What was supposed to be a genuine drive to redress political, social and economic imbalances left by the sad chapters of colonialism was dubbed a “war” against colonialism and thus a reasonable cause for the old guard to prolong clinging on power.

Another smokescreen policy followed later under the mask of black economic empowerment, another counterfeit project again used by Zanu PF’s old guard to create fantasy and euphoria in the youths who are misled into the trenches of empowerment first, before they take over the reins of the party.

Whilst youths will be trapped in the utopian world of indigenisation, the old guard will be busy weaving and threading new tactics and tricks which will once more be used as justifiable explanations for another extension in office before transfer of power to youths or new blood.

The same way masses have been foolishly made to think Zimbabwe is a product of Zanu PF, is the same old fallacy that the youths continue to be made to believe that there can’t certainly be anyone better in Zanu PF to take over than President Robert Mugabe.

Zanu PF which has a lot of cronies, who passionately love soccer, should take few lessons from this beautiful game in the world.

There can’t certainly be any player, including the Messis, Ronaldos or even Van Persies of this world who play without substitutions.

The party should emulate the substitution concept, where replacement is not only based on failure but extending equal opportunity to others.

Unfortunately Zanu PF will never learn, never ever! – Alexander Rusero

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