Marabini set for Europe


BULAWAYO – Bulawayo-based Afro-jazz kingpin Jeys Marabini will this weekend leave for Austria where he is set to strut it out at the Roots Music of Southern Africa festival.

The festival is a brainchild of Zimbabwean-born Blessing Nqo Nkomo of Imbube outfit, Insingizi Emnyama who is based in that country.

Speaking to the Daily News, the Kozekulunge front-man could not contain his excitement on the two-week trip.

“I am very excited about this chance and I am looking forward to it”, he said.

“They have assembled a band which started practising three months ago to play for me,” Marabini said, adding that his performance on the international stage will hopefully open more doors for him.

Marabini is excited by the fact that his music and that of Mokoomba is receiving some air play at a radio station which plays African music based in Austria.

From his latest album, Jeys at 40, Marabini said the song Yamitha Kanjani has so far been topping the charts there.

Marabini, who recently celebrated his 41st birthday, said he will share the stage with Vusa Mkhaya, whose new album is reportedly doing very well in Europe and internationally.

“I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the guys from Insingizi Emnyama namely Ramadu, Vusa Mkhaya, Nqo Blessing Nkomo for their love  and support for my music ,” said Marabini.

Meanwhile, a local arts advocacy group Victory Siyanqoba Trust has organised a big send-off for one of Bulawayo’s finest crooners.

The Trust’s director Desire Moyo said it was a heartfelt honour to host a send-off for Marabini.

“The show will take place today (Friday) at Indlovu Youth Centre where Otis Ngwabi and Minana brothers are going to share the stage with the king of Afro-jazz,” said Moyo.

The show, which will be free of charge, has been welcomed by Marabini himself.

“This shows that there are some people who appreciate our music out there. At least it shows that we have got a following. This will inspire us to keep doing our best,” Marabini said.

Marabini is set to entertain Austrian Afro-jazz lovers with his all-time hits such as Uthando lwakho, Umuzi kababa, Amalungelo, Ezinyangeni and Julia.

Tracks like Sakubona, Mukadzi haarowi and Ma Africa from his latest offering Jeys at 40 are likely to thrill his new European fans.

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