Punish child abusers


HARARE – It’s welcome news that the magistrates’ courts are united in their determination to tackle child abuse.

This follows the jailing of a cop’s wife who forced her seven-year-old step-daughter to eat her own human waste. It’s just a shame!

The brave girl chillingly told the courts how she had been systematically abused by her step-mum.

It was a horrific story — and we know many in similar circumstances who are too terrified to report to the authorities.

And it gets worse.

The dad, by the way a cop, threatened her own abused daughter against nailing his dear wife.

We call for an investigation into the dad also, how he condoned such abuse in his own home.  

As a man in a position of authority and responsibility, he shirked his duty as a cop to support his abusive wife. That is criminal.

We must do everything in our power to get to the bottom of these terrible allegations.

That is why we salute magistrate Anita Tshuma for noting that the step-mum “breached” the trust of the minor who saw her as a mother.

“She now thinks that all adult people are heartless people,” she said in passing sentence. We totally agree with her.

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And this is just a tip of the iceberg.

Every time we pick up a newspaper, turn on the television, we learn about another horrendous act committed against a child. And even more distressing is the fact that these deplorable actions are seemingly kept filed away for no one to see.

And children are being abused by people entrusted to protect our children. Why?

So if a victim of abuse is courageous enough to step forward and name his or her abuser, or if a person knows that something awful is happening, why is it that these acts are hidden?

More should be done to protect our children from abusive parents and guardians. The stakes should be higher for those who have been found guilty of attempting to cover up such abuse like this girl’s father.

For the rest of their lives, the children victimised by heinous acts of abuse are forever changed. Their future relationships, careers and interactions with others will be impacted. The abusers strip away the innocence of our young by murdering their souls.

Much like a murderer who has taken the life of another, we believe that child abusers should face a harsh sentence in prison.

If laws were changed to reflect the real harm committed by an abuser, maybe those who are confided in will not turn a blind eye. – Staff Writer

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