DJ bashed by lover


HARARE – ZiFM disc jockey and former Studio 263 actress Tinopona Katsande, was bashed by her boyfriend this weekend after allegedly asking him to do house chores.

The radio and television personality revealed her ordeal on social networks, Twitter and Facebook and posted a picture that clearly showed her swollen face.

“I was beaten up for asking him to help me clean the house by washing the dishes while I did the laundry,” she twitted.

The lanky Kastande, who is no stranger to controversy, claimed on the social networks that she was determined not be a silent victim.

Efforts by the Daily News to get the identity of the woman basher proved to be futile as the former actress said she was busy.

“I am busy,” she said before hanging up.

Unconfirmed reports on the social networks claim Katsande’s boyfriend, identified merely as Brian, is now in police custody.

The ZiFM Ignition morning show co-host’s experience has sparked an outpouring of sympathy for the former Studio 263 actress.

Public figures and the public in general castigated the brutal attack on Katsande.

Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube wrote on Facebook, “What do you call yourself? A man or any kind of species under the sun with such shameful cowardice.

“It warrants nothing less than removal from society, you piece of unexplainable human trash.

“I absolutely hate this and it is embarrassing that we allow this to happen in Zimbabwe to the extent that it is viewed as comedy — watching a man beat up his wife on television shows as a form of humour. It is not funny.

“This is nonsense and I will not ever accept this as a norm not if I have any breath in me to help fight weak men like this,” he added.

Katsande was miffed by Justice Chembwa who attacked her for publicising her ordeal.

“You are very silly and stupid. You want the whole world to know you were beaten? Where does it concern us? It is your family affair. Do we tell you our problems?

Why do you wash your dirty linen in public?”

Katsande did not take Chembwa’s attack lying down.

She argued that she has a duty as a public figure to be the voice of the voiceless.

“I will not allow you to have your opinion deter me or anyone else who is at liberty to know, write and hear the truth. This is not about me it is about justice,” countered Katsande.

“Who would ever think I would be “a victim” but I am and so are thousands of other women and men who must get up and do something and stop this. As a public figure my job is to be a voice of the voiceless,” she added.

Yet another person called Trymore Murwira blamed Katsande for asking her boyfriend a male figure to help her do house chores that are meant for women.

“Let ladies do their duties man should only help do the house chores willingly,” said Murwira.

Most people on the social networks, though, rallied behind the controversial disc jockey.

Clarissa Puppies was among the people who were thrilled by Katsande’s move of publicising her unpleasant incident.

“By sharing your experience with the public; you have thrown a lifesaving jacket to women who suffer from domestic violence shedding light on the injustices kept silent.

“Women die everyday and they live in fear because of domestic violence.

“You are teaching a valuable lesson to women young and old,” said Puppies.

Domestic violence is strongly condemned in most societies and most people will remember the case of Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Following a dispute, Brown bashed Rihanna and it still haunts him to this day. – Kaleen Gombera

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