Fallacy of Chinese leadership renewal


HARARE – Replacing gone dictator with another or one tyrannical regime with the other is far detached from embracing basic tenets of democracy that the right-minded paragons of egalitarianism desire.

It is against this backdrop that the much media-hyped leadership change within the Communist Party of China (CPC) cannot be used as a benchmark for a tired and outdated dictatorial regime of Zanu PF to emulate.

It makes no difference to replace a hyena with a leopard for the upkeep of sheep for at the end of the day the sheep will be blamed of barrenness simply because each time the kids will always disappear.

Whilst Zanu PF functionaries had allegedly visited China to attend lectures and tutorials on ideological and mass mobilisation strategies especially at this crucial moment where the party is facing possible extinction for the umpteenth time given its failure to rebrand let alone rejuvenate itself ahead of an election, the truth is the CPC cannot lecture anyone about change a phenomenon they themselves are allergic to.

Let us not allow our minds to go on a sabbatical by fantasising that Zanu PF gladiators were told right in their faces to either embrace change or die.

“We were warned of the need to constantly renew our party leadership so that we remain relevant and adopt as a priority economic development strategies that boost the economy and empower the masses,” one Zanu PF source who attended the Chinese lectures was quoted saying.

Whilst many received the news with much joy simply because it was not expected of Zanu PF mentors to lecture their disciples on the need for change precisely leadership change, the whole trip to China is another of many exposed hypocrisies of Zanu PF.

Had it been Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and company or even Industry minister Welshman Ncube and his team visiting say Britain or Netherlands for training of some sort we all know by now our ears could be deaf with news of unmasked plots of “illegal regime change.”

Overzealous media practitioners prepared to do whatever it takes even in this day where it takes two or three months for some to receive a salary, would by now have crafted the most brilliant scripts to unearth the “regime change” conspiracy that would have even made the apathetic propagandist Joseph Goebbels turn in his grave.

Overenthusiastic and “patriotic” media coverage aside, the change of leaders and transfer of power by the CPC is not something so significant democratically for us to glorify.

China has done more harm than good in this nation of ours.

They have exported everything of cheap quality to us.

They have even stooped so low to the extent of exporting their nationals. The relationship of China and Zimbabwe and that of CPC and Zanu PF has been very close but more of a rider and a horse relationship. The latter has always been forced to bear the brunt of the former.

The Chinese have defied all labour laws of this country and because they are immune to any form of prosecution, our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers have suffered at the hands of these people, whilst plundering our resources and our fauna and flora.

Where on earth have you ever heard of Chinese engaged in diamond mining except of course in Zimbabwe? – Alexandor Rusero

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