Promoters fail modelling industry


HARARE – Modelling agencies have blamed lack of unity between the industry and promoters for the current shambolic state of the once vibrant sector.

Size 4 modelling agency patron, Wilbert Rukato said promoters have failed to work closely with agencies.
“Some of these promoters have no experience in the industry and go further to employ failed or inexperienced models to train upcoming models in their pageants.

This produces models that will go nowhere but will definitely serve to paint our industry as a dying entity without talent.

“Reasons why most promoters avoid approaching modelling agencies for professional models are that they do not want the scrutiny that comes with working with a professional modelling agency.

“Often they want to avoid associated costs.

“Most of these promoters go public with their events without having put their resources together.
“It’s like declaring a war first, then buying the weapons in the heat of the battle,” he said.

Rukato has been running Size 4 modelling agency for the past 15 years.

His criticism has been consistent.

“The Miss Zim 2011 pageant was somewhat successfully held amidst financial problems that eventually saw the national winner forking out from her own coffers to bolster chances of winning the coveted international title.

“In my considered opinion what went wrong with the Miss Zim 2011 started from the planning stage.

“Why organise the event without confirming the winners’ prizes, let alone the organising budget.

“Further the process used to scout for the models was not exhaustive or properly supervised and as a result the pageant did not capture the best of Zimbabwean modelling talent.

“So, while we lament that our national winner did not get the much needed support or the outright victory on the world stage, it is also a fact that she was unknowingly part of a process that was flawed right from the start,” said Rukato.

Founder and chairperson of the Harare Fashion Council, Beryl Kanyowa said the modelling industry was failing because of a mix-up between pageants and fashion shows.

“Pageants and fashion shows are two different things.

“For pageants, it is about celebrating beauty and crowning queens.

“Here in Zimbabwe we have a misrepresentation and people are getting things mixed up.

“Fashion shows focus on selling and marketing clothes.

“But most of us are not yet able to differentiate these yet. I think that is the reason why our pageants are failing,” she said. 

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