Nox whirlwind heads to Canada


HARARE – Award-winning urban grooves star Nox Guni will perform in Canada this month as he seeks to spread his music in the Diaspora.

Nox will perform in Toronto on November 24.

The Ndinonyara hitmaker who is based in South Africa, will depart on November 21.

Nox has been touring the world since 2008.

Last month he won the Touring Artiste of the Year Award.

In 2003, he burst onto the musical charts with his track, Iwe Maria, which earned him plaudits from the industry.

Nox hit the low keys and “disappeared” from the local scene only to come back with a bang in 2010 with the song Wenera which features Maskiri and Chagwa Black.

Early this year, Nox released his love hit Ndinonyara, a uniquely produced track that captured music lovers across the country.

Nox’s latest track Whatsapp has been a flop comparing it to the fame he made after releasing Ndinonyara.

The track Whatsapp explores the good and bad endeavours faced by people who use the application.

On You Tube, Ndinonyara has more than 150 000 hits while Whatsapp has 15 000.

Fans who commented on the track on You Tube said the track failed to thrill music lovers.

“They should use this track for a Whatsapp advert,” said one fan identified only as Reva on You Tube.

“The track is sub-standard, urban grooves lack creativity, Whatsapp is a lame subject. Nox you have a voice but the song is garbage,” commented TeeNdai.

Some fans endorsed the track saying it is a hit.

“Keep the fire blazing Nox, the track is as good as Ndinonyara,” said one Tinkerzwonaz.

Nox said his track has been a flop owing to great musical expectations generated by Ndinonyara.

“Whatsapp was overshadowed by Ndinonyara. I think it is because people are used to Ndinonyara,” he said.

On his personal Facebook page Nox had his fans vote for a best song he has performed; Ndinonyara came first whilst Whatsapp was number 10.

The songster has six albums to his name including Wandipengesa, Rhythm and Blues, Kana Musipo, Chapter 3, Music Love and Me, Tisu Tine Yese and Classic Love Songz.

He runs his own studio in South Africa called Ice “n” Roses, and is currently working on establishing a music awards organisation. – Kaleen Gombera

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