Mugabe must rise above party politics


HARARE – While we welcome the recently launched presidential inputs scheme, it is somewhat worrying that the programme that is supposed to benefit the whole nation has been reduced to a partisan scheme which will benefit only Zanu PF supporters.

The programme was launched by President Robert Mugabe at the Zanu PF headquarters on Saturday.

Launching such a national programme at a party’s headquarters reduces the whole exercise to a charade that cannot be called Zimbabwean but purely partisan.

If anything, the launch makes it clear that Mugabe who is supposed to lead the whole nation is rather interested in serving his Zanu PF supporters even if it means abusing his office as the president.

Mugabe is not a president only for Zanu PF but for the whole nation and as such, programmes that he
embarks on should be above party politics.

It is patently clear that Mugabe has now rolled out his long and tested campaign strategy of rolling out freebies to people he will expect to vote him in office again come next year.

Beneficiaries of the scheme are all but Zanu PF supporters and no other supporter could be comfortable going to Mugabe’s backyard and receiving the inputs that so called well-wishers donated.

The country deserves to know the names of the well wishers.

As the country’s first citizen, Mugabe should also come clean on the source of the $20 million that he used in purchasing the inputs so as to remove lingering doubts that have been planted by the amount at a time when the country is struggling to even feed its broader masses faced with hunger.

It is indeed deplorable that Mugabe is choosing to ignore the plight of millions of starving people thanks to his ill-fated agriculture policies.

Posterity will of course judge Mugabe harshly for using food as a campaign strategy.

Mugabe is simply telling us that party politics takes precedence over national interests which is sad and regrettable.

Mugabe must rise above petty party politics and concentrate on being the father of the nation without choosing which children to feed or not.

We call upon Mugabe to serve the country and not Zanu PF alone because at the moment he is the leader of a country we all belong to, regardless of one’s political affiliation. – Staff Writer

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