New Bev video goes viral on internet


HARARE – Raunchy dancer Beverley “Bev” Sibanda’s new video in which she re-lives her arrest, has gone viral on the Internet.

The dancing sensation has made a video which has been posted on YouTube in which she hilariously goes through the “jail” moments.

Bev was briefly arrested last month for allegedly exposing herself following pictures which were published by the media.

Instead of sulking and fretting about the arrest, coming months after she shot to fame, the slim dancer, shot the video in which she gets “down to dancing business”.

In the video, she ropes in a popular local cigarette brand which police officers puff on their way to “witnessing” her raunchy dances.

Bev, in the video, hilariously makes as if her arrest was not because of “indecent exposure” as charged, but the police wanted to have a closer look at her raunchy moves.

She was arrested together with fellow crude dancer, Zoey Sifelani.

Inspired by Bev’s “jail” experience, soon after being released, the video shows Bev entertaining uncontrollably mesmerised “men of the law.”

The two raunchy dancers were however, later released without charges and went straight to work after being set free.

Titled Bev-Jail House, the video shows a handcuffed Bev being taken to a cell dressed in yellow prison garb.

The video, which has been posted on YouTube shows a visibly-pleased Bev, doing what she knows best in a sexy red two-piece lingerie, entertaining a  police officer.

She is clearly enjoying herself and attracts a police officer and two others in civilian clothing.

In the cell, there is a poster of a local brand of cigarettes and the audience also comes in holding packs of the cigarettes.

It is a hilarious video clip as the uniformed officer keeps on coming to chase away the other two who, seemingly, cannot get enough of Bev’s moves.

He is later seen taking a chair, puffing some cigarettes and watching Bev by himself.

Soon after she finishes dancing, the officer orders her release, shouting in Shona, “chibuda” (you can now go now).

Bev removes the yellow garb and laughs as she goes away.

Harpers Mapimhidze, Bev’s manager said they were just visualising what took place and creatively making it into an advert.

Bev has done other adverts for the company.

“The video was inspired by the arrest. Bev danced for the police; I think it was more of a show than an arrest.

The police wanted to watch her dance and she was released with no charges,” he said.

The video was released on October 26 and has been viewed 602 times so far.

It was shot somewhere in Avondale.

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