Kadoma mayor features in low budget movie


HARARE – A local film crew has decided to go against odds and produce a film with a budget of only $325, featuring Kadoma deputy mayor, Muchineripi Chinyanganya.

The film is titled Love and Relationships — How to Really Touch A Woman.

The production house is called Lesaint Studios and the film was directed by Sydney Mataro.

According to Mataro, Love and Relationships is a fresh, radical and practical Christian film that talks about how to find true love and long-lasting happiness in relationships using wisdom from the Bible.

“It raises many hard, nagging questions that generally affect people who are in love and relationships.

“It provides practical and realistic answers to all of the questions raised in a non-condescending manner.
“The film provides easy to understand, non-denominational biblical perspectives on love and relationships which make common sense and do not offend the nonbeliever or the atheist,” he said.

The film’s storyline is carried by a cast of 15 people who all appear in the film as themselves.

Comparing this budget to some Hollywood films which need millions, they worked under a tight budget.

It was shot in only a space of two days and the break-down of the budget showed that of the $325, $200 was used for hiring equipment.

“$200 dollars was used to hire two Full HD Panasonic cameras which were used to shoot the film.

“The cameras came with one operator. And the other $125 was used to meet preparation costs, logistics, communications and food for the cast and crew.

“As a result of a tight budget, we prepared a production schedule which is a filming timetable, and we managed to pack all the interviews within the two days.

“We are also grateful, that our cast agreed to waive any financial remuneration for the first episode of the film because of the birth pains of the inaugural show and they signed consent forms that agree to being paid in the successive episodes should they remain attached to the production.

“But if the film does well the studio has plans to offer the cast a token of appreciation,” he said.

Mataro added that to make sure there would be no trouble at the end of the day, they clearly discussed with the cast.

“We chose this approach as a desire of avoiding squabbles and quarrels that have since become the norm with many local productions after they have been released.

“And we clearly discussed this issue with the cast as well as pointing to them the fact that the first episode was to be used as a capacity building pilot for the studio,” he said.

This is a surprisingly small budget and one is tempted to question the quality of the production.

Loyce Murengami, Memory Dube, Franscesca Williams, Norman Nastro Phiri, Lewis K. Chipoko, Prince Dandure ,Afla Matia and others are part ot the cast.

The assistant producer was Tarisai Chivanda, while the camerapersons were Llyod Mapindani and Fortune Dhliwayo.

“I wrote the film in May 2011 to help young women know the truth about how most men think when it comes to love and relationships.

“I wanted the film to be a major teacher that would enlighten them to avoid unnecessary heartbreaks which are far too frequent in many young women’s lives.

“To me the film was a way of levelling the love playing field so that no victim would be caught unawares after watching the film, but Zimbabwean women would know for themselves the cold hard truth concerning the general view most men have about love and relationships.

“Technically, I was also inspired by Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair that was a very low budget film that earned over $4 million dollars in the cinemas.

“His use of a usually overlooked film making  genre ‘’the documentary format’’, was very inspiring because he made a big movie from a budget the size of lunch money but the film still went on to capture the attention of the whole world,” said Mataro.

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