Zim does not need hand outs Ncube


HARARE – Zimbabwe does not need handouts, but a strong economy to spearhead economic revival, Industry minister Welshman Ncube said.

Ncube, also a leader of the smaller MDC, said the country needs clearly-crafted policies to grow the economy and subsequently wean the population from hand outs.

“A strong economy is all the nation wants. No country can expect the majority of the population to survive on handouts from those who have amassed wealth at the expense of the ordinary citizens,” he said at a rally at the weekend.

“Hand outs are meant to make the people dependent on those that are dishing them out. It is a strategy used by manipulative politicians yet honest leadership will provide economic opportunities for people to develop.”

Ncube took a swipe at government for its reliance on foreign aid.

“We have seen this tired Zanu PF strategy over the years. They come here to dish food handouts to you, yet they do not provide you with the opportunities to benefit from the resources available to you,” Ncube said.

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