Punchline records launches website


HARARE – Punchline Entertainment, owned by Hillary “Punchline” Mutake launched a website on October 23, in a move set to market musicians signed under his record label.

Mutake started his record label in response to the need for a dancehall marketer for the rapidly growing music industry.

He said his intention is to connect his artistes with the outside world.

The website is punchlineent.com

“Artistes such as Freeman, Lady Bee, Sniper have performed in London and other countries outside Zimbabwe.
“People there enjoyed their music and have been asking for it.
“I just found this website as a way of marketing the artistes and their music.

“What I decided to do was to create a one-stop shop for our various artistes.

“Each time one visits the website they will get to listen to music as there are always melodies playing.

“So as fans are scrolling the website, they will also be listening to music,” he said.

Mutake said the site has received notable visits since it was launched.

It is being administered by Ashley Bwanya, a Zimbabwean based in Australia.

“So far the response has been good. Only two days after launching it there have been 467 hits and no formal announcement has been made yet.

“The reason why our administrator is outside the country is that our internet is weak and his is faster.

Since it was launched the website has been running smoothly and we hope to generate more traffic.

“People are so excited about the whole issue. I am getting Facebook posts from people who also want their music on the website.

“From DJs to other artistes, fans are showing their support and want to be part of this initiative,” he said.

The dancehall promoter said he was still trying to establish relationships with other artistes, although he does not want it to be on a permanent basis.

“Right now we are still establishing relationships and like I said earlier I want it to be a one-stop shop for music fans. I am not in a hurry to sign up other artistes, but I will be helping them.

“We are also going to add on clothing lines. There are people out there who want to market their clothes; some of them have dressed Freeman for his shows.  

“We are still trying to make space for them on the website,” he said.

Other artistes found on the website are Crystal, Lady Squanda, Nduna, Ninja P, Winky D, Viviun, Spiderman, Micky D, Ricky Fire, Jay C, Shinsoman, Guspy Warrior and many others.

There were several comments on the website including Dj Staliyan from Calgary Canada who posted “Zim Dancehall to the world, Punchline Global me she”.

Blessing Moyo from Emirates, Dubai wrote,”Been watching this Punchline when it started, guys you made me proud today. Keep it up”.

DJ Herberunks from Northampton UK posted, “ZimDancehall to the world, we endorse it to the max, respect Punchline Entertainment otta Syndicate Sound”.

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