‘Commercialisation key to food security’


HARARE – Commercialisation of farming systems and support to farmers is important for Zimbabwe to attain food security at household level, the Food and Agricultural Organisation (Fao) has said.

In a statement released yesterday, Fao Zimbabwe representative Gaoju Han said the United Nations (UN) organ is committed to helping capacitate farmers in rural communities and producer organisations.

“The key to attaining food and nutrition security at household level in Zimbabwe lies with the ability to support farmers to improve their productivity, diversify their production and commercialisation of their farming systems,” Han said.

“This can be effectively achieved when farmers are organised to produce for the market, meeting requirements in terms of quantity, quality and consistence for which cooperatives are renowned for,” said Han.

World Food Programme (WFP) country director Felix Bamezon said hunger is the world’s greatest problem but easy to solve.

“Solving hunger boosts economic development, builds the brains and bodies of the next generation and contributes to a stronger, more prosperous world,” he said.

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