Italian Embassy presents acclaimed dance company


HARARE – As part of the Italian Embassy October International Jazz and World Music Festival, which runs from October 17 to 21, Artemis Danza, an internationally-acclaimed dance company from Italy will hold a joint show with Zimbabwe’s Tumbuka Dance Company and Drum Café at Celebration Centre on Thursday.

Artemis Danza’s tour also coincides with the Italian Culture week.

Their visit to Zimbabwe creates an opportunity for the international dance company to interact with local dance professionals; providing a platform for artists from both countries to discover and understand other cultures and traditions.

The company will conduct a workshop for experienced dancers on Friday, October 19 at the National Ballet.

The workshop creates a rare opportunity for cultural, experience and skills exchange between Italy and Zimbabwe.

At Celebration Centre, the Italian dance company will present a show entitled I Bislacchi — Homage to Fellini, which is a tribute to the Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini.

The critically-acclaimed production, which was conceived, choreographed and directed by Monica Casadei has been a great success on the international performance circuit.

“In I Bislacchi, I have tried to bring the spirit of Fellini to life on stage in my own way, by drawing inspiration from his films, like filigree in which the poetry winks at the humour, and the dancing finds its energy in Nino Rota’s music,” said the production’s director-choreographer, Monica Casadei in an interview recently.

The show, which is characterised by poetry, emotion, high energy and vigour, is a fusion of dance and theatre that recreates the spectacular world of the great maestro Federico Fellini.

The dancers tell a fascinating story through re-evoking and re-inventing images, scenes and characters from some of Fellini’s films, with the accompaniment of famous melodies composed by Nino Rota.

Years after the passing of the great Fellini, his rich legacy of the colourful dream-world poetry, imagination, intelligence and humour as well as his genuine life-like characters have not faded.

The settings that are typical of the visual world of this creator are re-evoked in the production by a series of scenes in which characters move around, with naivety and idealism as their main traits.

Commenting on I Bislacchi — Homage to Fellini, the show’s director said, “This is a show full of colour; otherwise it would mean betraying the maestro, who wrote the diary of his dreams. It is absurd to imagine dreams in black and white. Colours are an integral part of the language of dreams; they translate the ideas and the concepts with each colour carrying its own message.”

Artemis Danza’s tour of Africa will also see them perform in Ethiopia and South Africa.

They have previously toured Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Turkey, India, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Fillipines, Malaysia and Russia. – Own Correspondent

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