Govt to revoke mining grants


HWANGE – Government is set to revoke special mining grants from companies that are not utilising them, Mines minister, Obert Mpofu has said.

Mpofu who was speaking at the Makomo Mining Company revealed his ministry would start withdrawing underused mining concessions given in Matabeleland.

“President Robert Mugabe granted about 18 special grants for Matabeleland. Some companies have started to mine and others have not. We cannot continue sitting on top of resources and I will revoke grants from those who have failed to deliver,” he said.

Makomo is one of the 18 companies that were granted the special grants and it started mining two years ago.

Mpofu praised the company for developing the area in which it is mining coal.

Amongst the social projects that the company has undertaken include building a school and rehabilitating the mortuary.

The minister also said he was impressed that the company was employing locals.

Mpofu again sent warning shots to mining companies in Hwange and told them to start ploughing back to the community or they will be a backlash.

“Hwange needs to benefit from having coal. About 30 schools do not have electricity but where is the electricity bring produced. Do you think this is correct? On Friday I made it clear that mining companies will do certain things at Chilisi Secondary School. If you have a school that is struggling come to me and I will tell you who will help you,” he said.

President Robert Mugabe and Indigenisation minister, Saviour Kasukuwere are set to descend upon Matabeleland soon to launch ownership schemes under governments empowerment drive. – Lloyd Mbiba

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