Mugabe senses victory


HARARE – President Robert Mugabe said yesterday his Zanu PF party was ready to bury its political opponents in elections he insists will be held sometime in March next year.

Addressing his party’s Central Committee yesterday, the 88-year-old Zimbabwean strongman said his party was facing easy opposition.

“This is a chance we have been given by God,” Mugabe said. “Corruption is the order of the day in the MDC and they have not looked at the people’s needs. They are fleecing people of their hard-earned cash and sticking their hands into people’s resources.

“That is sacred money they are stealing and if we are to be defeated by them in the next election then nesuwo tinenge takaora (we will be a rotten party),” said Mugabe to rapturous applause.

He said there was groundswell of discontent against the MDC that he urged his party to utilise to maximum advantage.

“This is an election in which we are supposed to ride on the people’s grievances. There are tonnes and tonnes of grievances created by the MDC. This is a victory given to us by God on a golden platter.

Their people who are running councils do not understand that they are supposed to be serving the people, enhancing the people’s lives,” the Zanu PF leader said.

“Instead they are forcing people to pay for electricity and water that they do not even use.

“Only two days ago, University of Zimbabwe vice chancellor Professor Levy Nyagura told me he was going to close the university.

“I asked why and he told me they have tanks but with no water for two weeks yet Lake Chivero has water and the pumps are there. “They want children to stop going to school and unleash diseases on our people. The MDC cannot even get pumps to work and you tell me the people will elect them back.

“Then I would say we are rotten. These are crimes against the people, crimes against humanity,” Mugabe said in a stump speech to crank up a faction-riddled party reportedly teetering on the brink.

He warned against a repeat of the so-called “bhora musango” strategy, reminding his comrades that a loss for him will also be a loss for them too.

“But we need to move as a block. Nobody owns people; if you are a leader then you should understand that the entire people look up to you for guidance and you should provide that,” the veteran ruler said. “No one is above the party.

“We should now focus, be orderly and have direction so that we do better than we did in 2008.

 “We should win together as a party. Whatever we are doing is for the party,” said Mugabe.

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