Race to succeed Mukanya hots up


HARARE – Ever since the Chimurenga music maestro Thomas Tafirenyika Mukanya Mapfumo set his base in America, a number of upcoming musicians in Zimbabwe have been racing to fit in his musical shoes.

Musicians such as Brian Mteki, Raymond Majongwe and Mono Mukundu have tried to imitate him but they are not exactly matching his standard.

Tichaona Madyiwa, leader of African Roots told the Daily News that he is back on the music scene with a bang and is set to take chimurenga music genre to another level.

“I believe in chimurenga music and I do not want to see it experiencing a natural death,” said Madyiwa.
Madyiwa has a seven-track chimurenga album entitled Vakadzi Vevanhu.

The album was released in 2011 and is being marketed by Metro Studios.

Tracks making up the album include Vakadzi Vevanhu, Tipeiwo Dariro, Ndambakuudzwa, Ndakamuramba, Maidei, Nyararai Kuchema and Ndakakutadzirai.

Since he released his album, Madyiwa has failed to hold any concerts because of severe headache.

However, now he is promising to give nothing but a spellbinding stage work.

“My fans should know that I am back on the music scene and I have lined up more concerts this year.

“I will start performing as an opening act at Freddy Manjalima (Kapfupi) and Somandla Ndebele concerts.

“These are my friends indeed, they have introduced me to large crowds,” he said.

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The artiste promised to release a second album next year titled Next Door.

Madyiwa took music seriously in 2004 while at Glendale after being inspired by the Chimurenga guru — Mukanya. – Vasco Chaya

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