Bev’s Sexy Angels split


HARARE – Beverly “Bev” Sibanda’s group Sexy Angels has split, a move which the raunchy dancer said is meant to strengthen her in the showbiz industry.

Three of the five members left the group to form another outfit Twinkle Light Queens.

The new group performed alone for the first time at Holy’s Hotel in Harare on Tuesday while Bev performed at City Sports Bar.

The girls were identified as Hither Samanyika, Chandelle Chidyagwai and Mercy Makuvire.

Speaking to the Daily News Bev said the dancers were becoming big headed.

“The three dancers left Sexy Angels because they were too demanding. They wanted to be at the same level with me, not knowing that I was their leader and founder of the group.

“They were becoming too jealous of me and I am happy Sexy Angels is not shaken by their departure. “I believe the development was meant to strengthen me as an artist,” said Bev.

Sexy Angels manager Harpers Mapimhidze said the group have already replaced the three.

“So far we had recruited two dancers and job seekers are still coming in numbers.

“Peter Kagomere’s comeback to the group has strengthened Sexy Angels,” said Mapimhidze.

Makuvire said they have decided to leave the Sexy Angels because Bev was failing to respect them.

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“Bev is too boastful, she lacks public relations skills.

“She told us to leave the group if we were not comfortable saying a number of job seekers were out there waiting for the job — so we left,” said Makuvire.

Makuvire said they are not competing with Bev but they are just doing their own business.

“She has the name in the showbiz industry — she is a talk of the town and we do not care about that, we are just minding our own business,” she said.

This development comes barely less than a month after Bev and her mentor Zoey Sifelani were arrested and spent the night at police cells for indecent exposure following their semi-nude pictures published in one of the daily local newspaper.

Recently the Apama Styles members also left the group en masse to form another group Madness Styles citing poor welfare for employees.

However, Apama Styles leader David Machowa apologised for wronging the former members and decided to moved on.

Like Bev, Machowa said the move had strengthened him.

Commenting on the groups’ split, music promoter Biggie Chinoperekwei said splits are common and inevitable.

“The move is common not only with local dance groups but the trend is inevitable even outside the country,” said Chinoperekwei in a previous interview with the Daily News. – Vasco Chaya

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