Tuku urges artistes to address ‘attitude’


HARARE – Internationally-acclaimed superstar Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi has encouraged artistes to address attitudes from different stakeholders and within themselves.

Tuku was addressing the Zimbabwe-German Society Acoustic Night All Stars who will be embarking on a European tour in March 2013.

“As your ambassador I am not really sure as to what I have to do but as we go along I will be able to at least share with you my experiences of where I went wrong and where I did right. I will share with you what helped me to be what I am today. As artistes we face one problem, that of attitude and you should know you have that problem.

“This problem should not discourage you from moving a step forward and the most poisonous attitude comes from people you rely on like parents, teachers and even me as your ambassador. You should not be discouraged by attitude that you already know exists. We all know that there is this inheritance of this kind of attitude towards artistes,” he said.

Tuku said each person is talented in their own unique way.

“Do not ever call yourself upcoming because you are not. God does not duplicate talent and there will never be a better you than you.

“I hear people talk about upcoming, in art there is no upcoming there is somebody unique and new who is just coming in. We all have to learn from what you do, I cannot do what you do. I have to learn from you what you do, so where are you coming from?

“ It is the problem of attitude that we grow up and learn from other people that they say when you are new in the field you are upcoming but Oliver Mtukudzi wants to learn from you because you have what I do not have.

“You are just unique and starting but that does not make you any inferior to anyone. You are who you are because you are you, so as your ambassador I say let us fight attitude especially self-attitude then work on the attitude from outside,” he said.

The-60 year-old legend said he felt honoured to have been selected as an ambassador for the young artistes.

“I am excited that youngsters like these have appointed me as an ambassador, when Tari approached me I thought it was going to be about being asked questions. I was not sure what she wanted to talk to me about and when she told me about acoustic nights I was like wow, this is exactly what I do here at Pakare Paye.

I have been asked to be an ambassador to something that I am already doing. I gave them a big yes, I will get to understand as I go along but I decided to take up the challenge,” he said.

Tuku was appointed ambassador last week.

Local artistes Rutendo Machiridza, Tariro Ruzvidzo, Prayer Soul and Kelvin Tapi are on the tour which consists of 20 showcases around Europe.

Mtukudzi is expected to play a huge role as an advisor in the four artistes’ mission to break onto the international arts and entertainment arena.

The Acoustic Night began in 2009 with a handful of musicians and has now grown to be a prestigious event that attracts a huge audience.

It established itself through producing high-quality live music and grooming new talent with a burning desire to make it in the arts.

It also provided a professional base for them to make music a viable career.

Zimbabwe-German Society and Wildfire Events collaborated and made this four-week tour of Europe possible through the monthly Acoustic Night events.

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