People in police uniform fired shots: Kereke


HARARE – Kereke’s sworn statement written on 10 July 2007

1.  I Munyaradzi Kereke ID 63-785927 D04, residing at Number 92 Norfolk road Mount Pleasant, Harare, born 29 July 1972, do solemnly state that:

2.  I am employed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as advisor to the Governor of the Reserve Bank.

3.  Early morning on Sunday, the 8th of July, 2007, at around 12:30 am, I arrived in Masvingo town on my way from Bikita.

4.  I had phoned my cousin, Mr Jonh Zvirikuzhe who works for TelOne to make arrangements for me to put up in Masvingo so I could go to Harare after day break.

5.  When I arrived in Masvingo, Mr Zvirikuzhe then met me outside Chevron Hotel and gave me the key for room No 1016, at the Flamboyant Hotel.

6.  I told Mr Zvirikuzhe that I was very exhausted and was going straight to sleep, and was going to meet with him first thing the next day.

7.  As I started my car, driving towards Flamboyant, a white pickup truck also followed me, but at that stage I did not make anything out of it.

8.  I drove on and turned left into the hotel gate and that car followed.

9.  As I was about to park at the hotel, the car came really close and I thought maybe these were car-hijackers as it was late.

10. I immediately parked my car, locked and rushed towards the hotel room.

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11. Just as I entered the room, four men and two ladies bolted into the room, and I realised that they had trailed me.

12. One of the men was dressed in what appeared to be ZRP uniform (the green type).

13. The men started shouting all sorts of threats, asking me why I was in Masvingo, what I was doing and why as the RBZ we were acting as if we want to rule the country.

14. I was trembling and I responded to them that I did not know what they were saying and had only come through Masvingo — passing through.

15. At that stage, one of the men then produced a pistol, and then threatened to shoot me if I did not disclose how tractors and RBZ money was being distributed.

16. At this stage, I then realised that perhaps these people really knew who I was since they were talking about the RBZ.

17.1 tried to bolt out of the room and one of the men shoved me onto the bed.

18. As I covered my face, I heard two shots, and I thought now I was going to be killed.

19.1 shouted for help and bolted out of the room and rushed off to my car.

20. Immediately I drove out of the hotel premises and phoned Mr Zvirikuzhe that there was serious politics at the place he had booked me.

21. I then told him four men and two ladies had trailed me and literally invaded me as I walked into the room.

22. Mr Zvirikuzhe, who at this time must have gone home as he sounded sleepy.

23. I told him that I was not feeling safe and was driving back to Harare the same night.

24. I drove back to Harare and arrived Sunday mid-morning and phoned my lawyer to advise me on how to treat this matter.

25. Having been threatened with death several times, to a point where my family is guarded 24hrs with armed police, I was very scared to arouse publicity, as in my mind I could not understand why one of the men who had attacked me was in ZRP uniform.

26. My lawyer, Mr Chinake, advised me to document a sworn statement and said that he was going to lodge it with the police for further investigation.

27. I then told Mr Chinake that I did not want to taint the ZRP without understanding really what had happened.

28. He concurred with me that I needed to proceed with caution, since the people I was dealing with seemed to know who I was and were I worked.

29. I told my lawyer that I think the whole thing was a set-up intended to tarnish my name and that of the Reserve Bank.

30. My lawyer agreed and said that perhaps there was need to find a way of sending investigators quietly to Masvingo to find out the exact truth.

31. Sometime in June, I had received calls from senior people in Masvingo threatening the Reserve Bank on what they claimed was favouritism in the distribution of tractors.

32. This was followed by official representations from the leadership there that the RBZ had to ignore such threats.

33. As I make this statement, I am not even myself to understand why I was targeted, since the people did not have substantive issues against me.

34.1 solemnly declare that the above is the whole truth, and am ready to assist in any way to get to the bottom of this matter.


Munyaradzi Kereke


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