War veterans’ ignorance irritating


HARARE – The late army general Vitalis Zvinavashe once cautioned former liberation fighters that if they fought the war so they would be compensated, then they were not different from mercenaries.

Mercenaries consist of a private armed force hired for the illegal toppling of a legitimate government.

In their pursuit, mercenaries broker deals to acquire lucrative business endeavours after a successful mission or at least given money or other precious resources as payment for their services.

The recent rogue and clownish behaviour exhibited by the war veterans by “demonstrating” at the ministry of Finance offices is a hollow and good-for- nothing act typical of mercenaries’ activities that one of their leaders Zvinavashe had once referred to.

Thirty two years after the liberation struggle, war veterans still fictitiously believe the entire majority of the country owes them their participation.

The retrogressive mentality has seen this group which is supposed to be a prestigious clique in the society being exploited and manipulated.

Zanu PF has largely capitalised on the war veterans’ desperateness. Sadly this group has remained so blind for a very long time.

Having contributed meaningfully for this country to be a sovereign actor responsible for managing its own state of affairs, pathetically these veterans still can’t understand how a government is run.

In their daily hallucinations they believe the Finance minister Tendai Biti has got trunks fully loaded with dollars somewhere in his office.

War veterans are still trapped in the moribund era of the Zimbabwe dollar where their demands would be taken care of by simply printing money over night.

How things have changed.

The group feels it should be treated differently from the rest — for the simple reason that they, “died” for this country.

Whilst they deserve due respect for such braver commitment to dislodge the illegal and heartless colonial regime, they need to be told the very same reasons they fought against have slowly trickled back to the extent that there is now a tendency of not realising any benefits of a free Zimbabwe.

Even the group’s current leader Jabulani Sibanda is alleged in some sections of the media to have disowned the group claiming it is simply seeking cheap publicity.

However, their acts of sealing strategic government ministerial departments have of all the things, exposed a system that they appear to be part of.

It heavily exposed the police who did not take any measure to disrupt their gathering that has not yielded anything except of course bringing government business to a halt.

Biti is not a defacto minister. He does not and cannot wield any powers outside the ones delegated to him by the law and by those that guide the modus operandi of the government.

He reports to the President of this republic who happens to be the commander in chief of the defence forces.

This means if President Robert Mugabe is ordering Biti to release funds with the minister defying such an order from his boss, then the boss is no longer powerful and authoritative which at this stage is very ambiguous.

Biti remains the same man that war veterans’ highest leader Mugabe meets every week at Cabinet meetings.

Can anyone please volunteer an orientation course for these war veterans on how a government operates?

There is really something fishy about all this, but there is a funny and timely coincidence.

Whilst war veterans were busy beating drums screaming at Biti to “release” funds, just across one or two yards Mugabe was begging before the courts that despite a judicial order for him to call for by-elections, his government did not have money.

Had it not been for Mugabe’s pleading for mercy simply under a genuine reason of bankruptcy of his government, the courts would never have granted any mercy.

Forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing. – Alexander Rusero

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