Zoey ventures into music


HARARE – Pole dancing pioneer Zoey Sifelani who was recently arrested over “public indecency” is now trying her hand in music.

Zoey who introduced the pole dancing frenzy to Zimbabwe’s nightlife told the Daily News that she was expanding her showbiz experience by getting into music.

“We started recording a few weeks ago and I know song and dance go hand in hand. I decided to give it a try,” she said.

Zoey, however, dismissed thoughts that she might be looking for another means of living since dancing was proving to be risky business.

“I have always wanted to sing and now I have the time and platform to do so. We were arrested yes, but it does not mean that I quit dancing. We are going forward with dancing and just incorporating music.

“Even international stars deal in different ventures. It is not different from what I am trying to do,” she said.

The raunchy dancer said she is working with “Zhastar”, one of Roki’s dancers on her music.

“We are doing R ‘n’ B and dancehall and I chose to work with him as he has experience in music. My dancers are also part of the music crew and we are using some of our usual dances as well as introducing new ones.

“The songs will be released together with videos. We were supposed to shoot the videos this week but it has been hectic, there is too much work. Right now I am travelling to Bulawayo so we will start shooting next week,” said Zoey.

On plans to collaborate with other musicians, Zoey said she will feature them on her gigs in the near future but currently wants to do her own thing.

Being a mother of one, Zoey has to be resourceful in order to look after her son.

Their recent arrests are said to have boosted their popularity but some question how long they will survive in the market, since the police are now watching them.

Zoey and her counterpart Beverly “Bev” Sibanda spent one night in police cells after being held for “public indecency”.

This did not however, deter them, it has in fact made them more determined and Zoey said they are becoming “unstoppable”.

“We have reached another level. Being arrested has in fact contributed to our popularity and I have been having showcases left right and centre. Basa rawanda, ndatoneta but that is how it should be like,” she said.

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