Zanu PF’s time is up: Mutinhiri


BULAWAYO – Former Zanu PF Women’s League national commissar Tracy Mutinhiri has blasted her ex-party as “blood-crazed murderers” facing ouster in the next election.

Mutinhiri, who to the mainstream MDC earlier this year, was speaking at the 13th MDC anniversary in Bulawayo on Saturday.

Officially introducing Mutinhiri to thousands of MDC supporters who packed White City Stadium, MDC national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa described her as a “big catch” from the Zanu PF river.

Mutinhiri, who was received with a rapturous applause from the overwhelming crowd, said MDC was a God-fearing party that deserves to lead this country.

“Each of us here knows the party that is good, the party that fears God and that party is MDC,” said Mutinhiri, a former minister of Labour and Social Services.

“If a party fears God it does not kill people, it does not kidnap people and it does not engage in corruption.

“We no longer need corruption in this country. Our children graduated and they need jobs. Everywhere in the streets you hear: Mushonga wemakonzo pano, mushonga wemapete pano, ndizvo zvatakaendesera vana kuchikoro izvozvo? (We are selling rat poison, cockroach poison — did we send our children to school so that they can be street vendors?)” she asked to rapturous applause.

Mutinhiri said it was time for the former revolutionary party to call it a day as it had nothing to offer.
“The time for Zanu PF is up,” she said. “It is a fact that their time is up, if their time wasn’t up they could have not been doing all these tricks to kill people. They can’t stop a process, you can only delay it but you can’t stop a process.”

She urged the MDC to fight on as change was just around the corner.

But before she left the podium, the visibly energetic Mutinhiri, who had chanted the party slogan, coined another slogan which goes “Spirit of killing, stealing and destruction?”

“Out,” the crowd roared back.

Mutinhiri crossed floor from Zanu PF to the MDC earlier this year after falling out with her former party over her liberal views and inclusive politics.

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