Locardia ready to meet Tsvangira’s family


HARARE – Harare businesswoman Locardia Karimatsenga has agreed to meet Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s family to resolve her marriage dispute with the PM.

Speaking to the Daily News on Sunday this week, Karimatsenga said she had no objection to meeting Tsvangirai’s family in Buhera as long as everything was above board, with proper procedures being followed by the Tsvangirai family.

She wants the PM’s family to first approach her family for the meeting.

Karimatsenga was speaking a day after Tsvangirai’s mum, Lydia, told the Daily News on Sunday that she must come and present her grievances to a traditional dare and not approach the courts of law for redress.

“I respect Mbuya Tsvangirai as she is my mother-in-law and I have agreed to come and meet her,” she said.

“During the time I stayed with her in Buhera we had a good relationship and I don’t have problems with her at all, including all the other Tsvangirai relatives in Buhera. I do have respect for my in-laws in Buhera.”

“I stayed with her for two months in Buhera and we had a good time together and she was also supporting me and persuaded me to stay with the PM and said she wanted me to be her daughter-in-law.

“Even the brothers and sisters of the PM had accepted me to be their daughter-in-law and actually gave the blessing of staying together with him in Chisipite.”

She said she has been constantly in touch with Tsvangirai’s mother.

Karimatsenga denied charges that she had rushed to approach the courts of law before exhausting traditional routes.

“When I returned from South Africa, where I had gone for treatment, I phoned and informed her that I was going to court, to challenge the wedding by PM and Elizabeth Macheka because I had found my home which I was living with the PM in Chisipite shut, and I was reading in the press that the PM was going to wed Elizabeth,” Karimatsenga said.

“She gave me the go-ahead to proceed with the matter because the PM did not officially tell me that he no longer wanted me and if he was to wed, my rights as her wife were going to be limited as I could not be able to associate with him and enjoy my conjugal rights.’”

Karimatsenga said she received a cockerel from Mbuya Tsvangirai to cook last week as a traditional way of acknowledging that the PM had wronged her.

She claimed the PM’s new wife Elizabeth Macheka came into his life when she was in South Africa. “I read those stories in the press, it affected my health badly and I suffered from high blood pressure as I was pregnant resulting in having a miscarriage,” she said.

“Mbuya Tsvangirai told me to accept to be in a polygamous marriage with the PM and I had accepted it.”

She claimed she had approached Innocent Zvaipa, the PM’s uncle, to help him resolve his marriage problems but said he did not want to be involved in traditional matters ostensibly because he was a Christian.

“I did not want to approach the courts but I was left with no option except to follow that route. The problem is there are too many people involving themselves in our matters and it has become a public consumption, as I believe myself and the PM can resolve our matter.”

Karimatsenga said she accepted Macheka as the second wife and said she was comfortable to be in a polygamous relationship with the PM.

She said she still loves him dearly, and prays that the matter be resolved.

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