Visa lobs electronic payments campaign


HARARE – Global payments technology company, Visa says it will be launching the “Kick the Cash” campaign in Harare aimed at driving consumers towards the use of electronic payments.

The company said the move was inline with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s call for the use of plastic  money as the country battles change challenges.

Jacqueline Malaba, country manager for Visa Zimbabwe said the campaign was one of Visa’s flagship promotions ,aimed increasing consumer awareness around the convenience of transacting with a card instead of cash.

“Our role as Visa is to ensure that people are informed; education around card usage is essential and we would like to ensure that everyone enjoys the benefits of shopping with a card, which eliminates spending time queuing at an ATM and the risks associated with carrying cash,” she said.

“Governor of the Zimbabwean central bank Gideon Gono, recently issued a statement urging Zimbabweans to embrace electronic payments; he cited cash as inefficient and risky. Zimbabwe is a key market for Visa, and we share the governor’s vision to embrace electronic payments and ensure a more electronic economy,” said Malaba.

As part of its Kick the Cash campaign, Visa will over a period of three days set up a stand at the Sam Levy Shopping Centre, in Harare and share tips with the public on the convenience of using cards when making payments.

“Visa has put its electronic payment infrastructure in place to enable people to use their Visa cards anywhere without hassles. If you have a Visa card, you will be able to purchases daily necessities such as groceries or fuel using your card, most merchants in Zimbabwe accept Visa cards,” she said.

Malaba stresses that in a broader sense the use of cards was economically viable for consumers as money earns interest while in a bank account.

“Leaving cash stacked under a mattress is not safe and means one runs the risk of losing it. Furthermore using a card for purchases makes it easy to track transactions as everything is recorded in your bank statement,” the country manager said. – Business Writer

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