Peace order sought against drunkard husband


HARARE – An elderly woman appeared before the civil court seeking a peace order from her verbally-abusive and drunkard husband who is always brought home in a wheel barrow from the local pub.

Ethel Musika told the court that Nickson Musika gets so drunk that at times he wets his pants and becomes destructive.

“When I ask him for money to pay the bills, he becomes verbally abusive calling me derogatory names. He breaks property around the house when he is angry. I have tried to be patient with him but I am so frustrated now and I cannot take it anymore.”

“Words hurt especially when all is done in front of my neighbours. It is humiliating for a woman of my age even to come before the courts. He is normal and a good man when he is sober but he becomes foolish when he gets paid.”

The court heard that due to Nickson‘s drunken behaviour, it has been hard to pay electricity and water bills at the end of the month.

Nickson told the civil court that he had stopped drinking and only become wild when provoked by his wife.
“I love my wife and would never do anything to hurt her. The problem I have is that she provokes me and calls me stupid. This is when I go wild,” he said.

At the end of the saga in the civil court, magistrate Banda granted Ethel Musika a protection order against her husband.

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