New US envoy pledges to strengthen ties


HARARE – Incoming United States envoy, Bruce Wharton has stressed on nurturing justice systems to ensure people’s rights are observed.

Wharton said he was looking forward to working in Zimbabwe so as to build a strong future for both nations.

The US envoy, who is expected to take office next month, in his message to Zimbabweans through the embassy, stressed the need to nurture justice systems and ensure rights are observed.

“Finally, justice — we all deserve it and need strong institutions to defend and administrate.

“Nations prosper but all people are equal before the law, Zimbabweans and Americans have both fought for justice, know how important it is and how it requires constant nurturing,” he said.

The new ambassador and his family are not new to Zimbabwe as they lived, learned and worked in the country a decade ago.

Wharton also talked about the importance of land for cultural and economic reasons.

“Americans and Zimbabweans have so much in common, family, faith hard work, and love of the land which sustains shared country’s agricultural roots,” Wharton said.

“I am deeply honoured that President Obama asked me to represent him in Zimbabwe and that Zimbabwe is willing to receive me, thank you for having me as your guest,” he said.

Wharton will first present his credentials to President Mugabe before attaining his duties as the American Ambassador to Zimbabwe. — Bridget Mananavire

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