Pastor prays after raping woman


HARARE – A 31-year-old Seventh Day Adventist pastor who made a prayer after raping a 21-year-old maid, before threatening to kill her if she disclosed the incident has been freed on $50 bail.

Basil Michael Green was yesterday not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Don Ndirowei on rape charges. It is alleged Green raped the girl last Thursday, in Wilmington Park, Harare after calling her into the main house. He asked her to assist him in washing dishes since his wife had gone to their rural home.

The woman agreed and went into the kitchen where she started washing the dishes. It is alleged that Green asked the woman how he was going to thank her for the job she was doing.

Green offered the woman an ice cream and yoghurt but she refused and he went out. He returned after a few minutes and grabbed the woman from behind, carried her to one of the spare bedrooms and raped her without protection.

After raping the woman, the court heard the pastor threatened to kill her if she disclosed the incident. He also warned her against telling anyone about the rape, arguing it would ruin his life and would result in the woman losing her job.

Green, according to state papers, asked that they pray so that God would forgive him for the sin that he had committed. The court heard Green prayed but the woman continued crying.

The woman later told her boyfriend about the rape last Sunday and the matter was reported to the police leading to the pastor’s arrest.

Green will be back in court on October 16 for trial. — Tendai Kamhungira

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