Mbira queen invades jazz territory


HARARE – Mbira queen Chiwoniso “Rebel Woman” Maraire will serenade The Cave Affair Coffee Bar and Restaurant in Domboshawa on Saturday.

The Domboshawa joint is a popular home of jazz music but this will not deter fans from attending her concert.

The 36-year-old Amai singer will perform at the Cave Affair for the first time and she will be supported by T Connection, a jazz outfit.

Pasi Goredema, the owner of Cave Affair said he is hosting the mbira queen because her music is fused with jazz.

“Maraire’s music is blended with jazz and we love her mbira music because we are proud of our tradition as Cave Affair,” he said.

The Cave Affair an entertainment hub which opened its doors to the public five years ago, is located in Domboshawa, 30-kilometre drive from the capital, then half a kilometre from the highway.

Goredema said the place is striving to be the best open-door entertainment joint in the country.

“There are a number of open entertainment joints in the country but our location makes us one of the best.

“We are close to Harare and we enjoy a rural environment which attracts the upmarket class — our main target. The place is designed to cater for the entire family. We have children’s games including jumping castles,” he said.

The tranquil joint has two thatched bars which sell virtually all brands of imported and local beer.
“Since beer goes down well with braaied meat, we have a braai stand and a butchery which will never run out of meat,” he said.

A generator with a capacity to power the whole area is usually on standby.

“We do not want to disappoint our patrons so the generator is in place to counter power cuts. Since we are targeting upmarket social class, we rely on borehole water which is clean and safe,” he said.

Goredema said there is tight security and motorists should come in numbers as there is a  spacious car park around the place.

The joint which faces the charming Domboshawa Hills is surrounded by thick forest of Muzhanje and Musasa trees to give a refreshing look.

“We work hand-in-hand with National Monument and Museum of Zimbabwe, so it is also our responsibility to preserve our nature. Because we are surrounded by a virgin forest, this has contributed a lot in making this joint a favourite of many entertainment lovers,” he said.

The joint offers traditional dishes including sadza remhunga, zviyo, chicken (road runners) and mazondo among others.

“Since we are found in the rural areas of Domboshawa, we do not want to dilute our Shona culture by being too Western. For this reason we have temporarily suspended our lodges since they were abused by patrons.

“We also only hire traditional dancers mostly from the local community because professional dancers will pollute our culture,” he said.

The place is suitable for various functions such as birthday ceremonies, outdoor seminars and weddings.

Goredema encourages local people to visit places of this nature saying they are not only meant for the white community. – Vasco Chaya

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