Zhakata hails Young Igwe


HARARE – Zora musician Leonard Zhakata hailed Peter Moyo for perpetuating his late father’s legacy.

The Mugove hit-maker heaped praises on the Young Igwe on Saturday in Chakari where the two musicians shared the stage for the first time.

“Zvinofadza sei kuona mwana akaita saPeter achisimudzira nhaka yababa vake, zvinodadisa mufunge (It is good to note that Peter is refusing to see his father’s legacy dying a natural death),” said Zhakata.

It was also Zhakata’s first time to perform in Chakari Stadium, he took advantage of Moyo’s huge fan base in that small mining area — but to Zhakata’s contentment he managed to baptise most of Moyo’s fans in the name of Zora music.

The two performed before an appreciative crowd and managed to deliver nothing but the very best of music.

A Harare-based dance group, the Millennium Queens curtain raised the show which was charged at four dollars.

The four dollars entrance fee was too much for the local residents as they were complaining.

However, to those who managed to attend, they really got the value for their hard-earned money when Vagoni Vebasa singer took to the stage.

He belted out hit after hit such as Mugove, Batai Manzwi and Gomba Remarara.

Moyo is still yet to release his own album but currently he is enjoying what his late father Tongai Moyo has left in terms of music.

Despite being 24 Moyo has managed to settle some of the bills left by Tongai who passed on last year due to non-hodgkin cancer.

In addition to settling his late father’s bills, Moyo has also finished buiding a family house in Kwekwe’s Mbizo high density suburb which his father had failed to complete.

Moyo has proved to be the right heir to his father’s legacy as he is also looking after a big family.

Owing to what Moyo has done, Zhakata was left with no choice but to shower the Young Igwe with praises.

However, Moyo’s fans in Kwekwe are slowly getting enough of him as they are saying the Young Igwe is becoming big headed.

Fans in Kwekwe told the Daily News that Moyo is increasingly becoming unprofessional as he has a tendency of coming to his concerts late, usually around midnight.

They urged Moyo to respect them the way his late father used to since he is carrying on from where Dewa left. – Vasco Chaya

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