Josh Meck, Swedish pianist collaborate


HARARE – Talented jazz musician Josh Meck is collaborating with Swedish jazz pianist Kettil Nedeleus on an instrumental album.

Meck who is little known locally but is a recognised artiste in Europe has decided to use his advantage and make something that will appeal to both his fans in and outside the country.

“I noticed that some of my fans enjoy when I only play instruments. I then thought that I should give them what they want before I release my third vocal album.”

“I decided to work on it with someone I have been working with for a long time.  Then Kettil came to my mind and he is really good with instrumentals,” said Meck.

Meck is a young talented jazz artiste but has not yet gained his mark in the local industry.

“I am doing four tracks this side and Kettil will do the other four. I am sending to him via the Internet so that he can add what he thinks is best.”

“There has been a lot of skyping and emailing for the past few months. Seventy percent of the work has been done and we hope to finish by the end of November.”

“The album’s mixing and mastering will be done in Sweden but on recording I am using the studio that I have always used this side,” he said.

Jazz music usually appeals to the older generation and this has proven to be true especially in Zimbabwe.
But Meck has not lost hope even in the young generation.

“The CDs will be on sale both in Sweden and Zimbabwe. I hope I will be able to satisfy my fans and also gain others,” said Meck.

Meck normally plays at the Book café, The Usual Place, Jazz 105 and Mokador.

“I am also doing a solo project on Friday at the Jameson Hotel (Harare) and on Saturday I will be in Mutare. This month is a busy one as I want to start shooting a video for Muzambiringa from my second album, Time,” he said.

Meck is especially talented on the bass guitar and started his musical career 14 years ago.

He was once a band member of Dudu Manhenga and the Colour Blu, Africa Revenge and Comrade Fatso.
He is still part of Comrade Fatso’s Chabvondoka band.

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